Online bingo rules

With the advent of the web, without changing the rules of the bingo, the typical image associated with the game, a room where grandmothers and grandfathers who observe carefully in search of your card number has just called, It’s not very realistic.

Although it was a game often played live with charitable goals, on the Internet Bingo has the opportunity to be appreciated much more exciting, with great prices, exciting and especially variants, jackpot of the immense value.

The aim of the game

Without a doubt, the successful success of the last years of heart bingo, while respecting the rules of the traditional bingo, the game has generated a lot of changes without affecting its essence. The object of the bingo is indeed to find the numbers, captured randomly to announce and communicate to the players on your card in a straight line, down or up and diagonally.

How to play bingo

There is no difference between how to play in the heart of online bingo and how to play bingo at the nearby house after Christmas lunch.

The bingo card is composed of cells identified by five columns and five rows. The five boxes above represent the letters B, I, N, G and O. Each column has five lines, except for column N because they are generally the middle box of the column is an empty square, Empty (“free” in English) that can be used to complete a bingo from top to bottom right and diagonally. The bingo obtained without free field use is called “bingo hard” or “bingo hard”.

Under column B of the map are the numbers 1 to 15, in column I, numbers 16 to 30, in column N of 31 to 45, instead of 46 to 60 in column G, and finally from 61 to 75 In column O. Online bingo rules involving the use of a computerized system to extract random numbers, while the “real” bingo is always used the conventional system, the pellets containing the random number are expelled from A pressure system a container and after opening the bullet itself, the advertiser has announced the drawn number. The pulled number will not be clearly extracted a second time.

If you have your card on a series of numbers that appear in the successful schemes, you cry “bingo!” A attendant will check your card and play until your gains are not confirmed, the game will not resume. In the case of other winners, the price will be shared.

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