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A simple card game for toddlers

Creating games becomes more of a challenge when you try to create a game that young people can play. And the youngest player, the more the challenge. I was trying to think of a simple card game that my three-year-old grandson could play. I was cut off.

Then, as a group of United States and spoke on a Saturday afternoon in the living room of a friend, someone noticed the twelve glass on the coffee table. There were six sea designs on disasters – fish and hippocampa and waves – and each design was on a pair of glass.

So someone asked my grandson to find the corresponding pairs and he did doing it. It reminded me of card game, concentration. And it gave me the seed of an idea of ​​a simple card game for toddlers.

The concentration is mainly a memory set. When you return to seven, you try to remind you where the seven were that Sue overturned five minutes ago. But toddlers have not yet developed the necessary memory skills to do it. So I decided that in my new game, the cards that are returned face to face stay in this way for the rest of the game. You do not have to memorize where the cards are because they are always there so you can see.

For playing cards, I could use all the bridge as you will do for the concentration, but it could be enough overwhelming for toddlers. So I started with only two costumes of the same color, hearts and diamonds. And since facial cards would not be familiar with toddlers, I just used AS.

To play this game, gather players around the table, mix the cards and put them face four rows with five cards in each row. You end up with a rectangle of cards of four out of five. Then turn in turn starting with a random picked player and moving clockwise around the table.

In your turn, you return to two cards and look for pairs. You can use the cards you have just moved and cards that have been returned in previous turns. If you find a pair, take it. Take as much as you can find. Then, your turn ends. Do not return any side face to face card.

Keep playing until all cards have been paired and taken. Then each player counts or his cards. The player with most cards wins. You can change the game using two different colorful costumes, such as hearts and spades. This would be slightly more confusing for a toddler, but still simple enough.

Or you could stick with hearts and diamonds, but use AS through the kings. You should show a toddler face cards before the game and explain how to match these cards. When your Toddler has mastered the starting game, try to increase the number of cards using Aces at eight of the four costumes.

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